One big step forward…

It has been a hectic week which finished quite satisfactory. Apart from the ongoing preparations for the release of my first funeral marches album għaliex?, yesterday turned out to be a historic day, both for me personally and for what we [the ethics committee and the general committee within the band club association] have been... Continue Reading →

…and we turned 1!

Precisely one year ago today I posted my first ever blog post on my website One year later the blog has almost 700 followers and for this I only have you to thank. So, a round of applause for you. 2019 is going to be a hectic year, or so it seems, with myself... Continue Reading →

Thank-you 2018. Welcome 2019

It has been quite a positive year after all. From concerts to projects, to discussions and studying. For me, 2018 was a massive learning curve with some very positive outcomes and great experiences, starting with introducing this blog space in January while during February, I was busy conducting Ghaqda Muzikali San Leonardo in Mascali with... Continue Reading →


Għaliex? (Why?) is the title of my first album composed of funeral marches I have composed throughout the past 13 years or so. The reason behind the title is somehow related to the form of a funeral march and its resemblance to our life struggles and the way we handle such situations. On Saturday, 29th... Continue Reading →

Let’s make the needed change.

Many discussions, speculations, gossiping and all of that has been going on throughout these past few months about our wind band’s future. As everything else, the wind bands have evolved, with all their traditions, good and bad habits. Whatever it is, we have evolved.  It is now the time to unite, share our knowledge, help... Continue Reading →

It’s Coming Home!

All football lovers are buzzing with enthusiasm about this World Cup which will draw to its conclusion next Sunday. Of course, I couldn't resist to write down these words as the title of this post. Myself an England football fan, have never been so close to seeing my favourite team so near to ultimate glory... Continue Reading →

Jala Jala Festival

On the 6th of July together with the Big Band Brothers' Roving setup, will hit Bethlehem with a great music set as part of the Street Festival after being invited to take part in this EU project funded under the EuropeAid programme. CLAP.    The CLAP project The BBB have been invited to participate in a... Continue Reading →

Aims & Objectives

It has been an ongoing struggle to find new children that get interested to play with a local band. This is something most of our clubs are constantly complaining about. What if, we are doing it wrong, or too old-fashioned? As I understand other entities are blooming with children and it is not just football or... Continue Reading →

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