In the name of greatness!

As the feasts season comes to an end in a few weeks times, we have seen some great new initiatives, some new ideas and we have also witnessed some very worrying firsts. We have had a swing of societies that opted for a greener environment, others which took in consideration social aspects others took the... Continue Reading →

Playing with the National Team

Every little child in sports dreams that one day he will be a professional player and join his country's national team. With pride and glory they will carry the national flag while in their hearts they will carry their club's pride and tuition that made it possible to achieve their status. While in sports, clubs... Continue Reading →

Winning or losing!

It is being said that a particular wind band which is NOT part of the association spent around €20000 for the Good Friday procession only for a wind band of around 120 with some getting around €600-€700 each for a four hour procession. I say this is, arrogance, stupidity, short sighted and also insane from... Continue Reading →

Does one size fits all?

As part of the document released and signed by all the wind band clubs with the exception of one which doesn't form part of the association, there is this part which is still a bit grey: Classification. As regards to classification, those registered will be classified by the club's musical director or teacher, but if... Continue Reading →

To do or not to do?

There are way to many 'o's in the title, right? And to say that the amount of versions regarding the registration is as many is an understatement. Like in my previous article regarding tax & numbers and all the drama that some wanted to create. The same drama is linked to the registration. Let us... Continue Reading →

Of Numbers and Figures

After a brief introduction about my role in all this and also the role of all the members in ethics group from my previous post let me discuss a bit the document. First of all, there is NO fine prints about taxes, and there never were. If it was for me though, I would be... Continue Reading →

Time to set the record straight!

During the past few weeks I have been “quietly” hearing and reading many comments and discussions regarding the future of our wind bands, the musicians’ role in it and all of what has emerged from the document agreed and signed by all of the wind band clubs with the exception of one. In the wake... Continue Reading →

Of Chickens, Cattles and Monkeys.

At long last, one of the most awaited week is upon us. Those who, like myself, enjoy all about the Good Friday traditions and significance of this week, try to do best out of it. As you may well know, this is also a special one for me, launching of my cd, and receiving some... Continue Reading →

On Track…

We have just applied WD-40, to the gear. We now have a long way to make all the needed adjustments to make a new engine that conforms with today needs, but at least we are on track.

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