Am I missing something?

It has been quite a while since I last posted something here, but many things have changed, and couldn’t find the time to write something, but today I can’t stop thinking of this new reality. A reality which is being unfair and almost stupid.

I fully agree that precaution is better than cure, and we all need to stay vigilant as much as we can to prevent from yet another break-out. I must say, it seems that this virus only attacks feasts, band clubs, churches and all that goes with it.

What is the message here? Are we taking advantage of some sort, to make sure we kill what we are? I do not think so, because we have seen many good and powerful initiatives to safe guard it in recent years.

Do we only care of our economy, and since such activities do not generate as much money as a party or a concert, we are reluctant to give permission for such activities.

But my questions lie here: How is it possible a wind band can play in a government funded activity but can’t play in its own premises or in front of their premises outdoors but yet can play during the pilgrimage? How come bands and DJs can play outdoors in a concert but permission is being refused for such activity during the feast week? Since when do we first need to have the permission before starting to advertise the activity when we all know permissions are handed over a week before, if you are lucky? What is wrong with trying to keep our community alive and happy in such circumstances with traditional activities?

Did we win or not? Or does this virus attack only communities near feasts? Am I missing something here?


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