A start of a new era?

It’s been a while since I last posted something here, almost two months and a half. Apart from having had quite an interesting response for my last post, these few weeks have been busy but productive in the band club scene.

Next Sunday, we will have the last “Summer” feast and all in all, not being mentioned in the media, looks like we had a very positive feast season. Many funds where up for grasps and projects where also now coming to an end. We had many interesting projects going around us like our “Żunżana” project and “Gejjien bil-Banda”, and the one between clubs, and those that took in consideration to revive old wind band music, apart from other good willed projects. We also have seen many positive changes in attitude towards music teaching.

Photo: https://www.maltachamber.org.mt/

Something that I cannot not mention is the much awaited meeting and discussion held by the ethics committee of the GhKB and the musicians, which although many didn’t attend there was a very sane discussion and all fictitiously manufactured lies on the document where put to rest. It was quite ironing not to have so many people that where putting all these posts against the document, but when invited, they where not able to attend and voice their and those they deem to be representing, concerns and maybe also their opinions. All in all, it was a great meeting which from the response received, it looks like that we have been doing quite a good job. Nevertheless it is up to the ethics committee and the executive committee of GhKB to discuss all the valid points and arguments, pointed out during the meeting, evaluate and change if need be.

Let’s hope we keep up the momentum and work tirelessly to build a better future for our wind band clubs together


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