Playing with the National Team

Every little child in sports dreams that one day he will be a professional player and join his country’s national team. With pride and glory they will carry the national flag while in their hearts they will carry their club’s pride and tuition that made it possible to achieve their status.

While in sports, clubs are regarded as the fulcrum for the initial and continuation of development of the athlete and the national team chooses them to be part of the team while letting them keep on training with their local club in music, it is completely the opposite.

Although the major national music institutions praise or rely ( used too more than now) on wind band clubs’ students to feed them with the future musicians, now a days, if a student is able to reach that level of professionalism, they are not allowed or limited, to play with the local wind bands including that from where tuition was given, on paper.

Although this is rarely the case and all institutions leave there musicians to decide if they want to give their service or not without the detriment of lowering their skills, it is still a possibility that the agreement is enforced leaving the wind bands a stray.

Having said that, nowadays with all the salaries competition for different professional jobs, it is disheartening for a musician with a diploma or degree level (MQF level 5 or 6) to aspire to become a professional musician with a professional ensemble like the AFM band where you get to be paid according to rank by seniority only rather than rank according to achievements (musically speaking) and seniority, while the wage lacks to be professional.

Would it be wise if these institutions give something back or give a helping hand or offer opportunities to the band clubs in order to help the schools within our clubs to further improve and to be again a top source to feed them with loyal and professional musicians?


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