Thank-you 2018. Welcome 2019

It has been quite a positive year after all. From concerts to projects, to discussions and studying. For me, 2018 was a massive learning curve with some very positive outcomes and great experiences, starting with introducing this blog space in January while during February, I was busy conducting Ghaqda Muzikali San Leonardo in Mascali with guest soloist Antonino Mollica, and conducting an orchestra in Spain formed by young musicians from Malta, Spain and Serbia thanks to Ghaqda Kazini tal-Banda. Cannot forget, our own V18 project “Rulina” which was a personal feat for me with the same band of Kirkop. Playing in Ramallah with the Big Band Brothers, apart for the newly established concert we organise during the summer period. Playing for my hometown wind band, Ghaqda Muzikali Marija Bambina Banda Vittorja of Naxxar, for the 24th year running was also something that I always looked forward to. Teaching my students from these two clubs and those at the 12th May Band & Social Club of Haz-Zebbug is always an inspiration for me to keep on studying myself, which in fact materialized in myself taking up the Diploma Course, Wind Band Studies, at the University of Malta. Taking care of other projects, like “Banda on Tour” and “Gathering Youths through Arts” also helped in making 2018, a year to cherish.


Another big thing that happened and is still ongoing is the proposal for an ethical agreement between clubs which was and still is dear to me and I am eager to see how things will unfold. My only wish for this in 2019, is that we agree, being agree to agree or agree to disagree is still an agreement which consolidates the trust between the clubs and between the clubs and there, should be the top priority, own musicians, and vice-versa.

2019, looks to be a promising year starting off with being back to play in the trumpet section of the Malta Philarmonic section for next Sunday’s concert for “The President’s New Year Concert”, and hopefully the release of my first cd Għaliex? alongside many educational projects undertaken by the three band clubs, I am in.

Wishing you all a great New Year’s Eve and a prosperous and kind New year!


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