Music is a tattoo

Sometimes when I teach, I get faced with some unwillingness and lack of passion from students, but then they reignite their passion with a nearing concert or performance. Sometimes I too diminish my want to learn and know more but then something changes and all is back in place.

But then there are those that because of certain circumstances they would need to put their love aside for a while only to get even stronger later, and that is what is making me write about today. In music, even if you are a teacher, a graduate, a professor or even an artist, you are always a student and with every new lesson learned, a multitude of doors open in front of you and the love toward it makes you need to open as much as you can, not to get to know it all but to discover more each time. The best thing about music is that you learn from everyone, being a student, the men in the street or whoever it is.

Credits: Yorouska Galea

The passion for music gives you access to freedom and never hurts anyone, but unites those around you. Music has no age, blind and accepts all those that embraces it. Sometimes we loose on occasions that are important but at the end most of the time it would be more than worth it, as the joy music gives is something few things in life can ever give, and is tattooed to your heart.


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