One big step forward…

It has been a hectic week which finished quite satisfactory.

Apart from the ongoing preparations for the release of my first funeral marches album għaliex?, yesterday turned out to be a historic day, both for me personally and for what we [the ethics committee and the general committee within the band club association] have been working on for the past two years or so.

For me personally, it was a great day as after thirteen years I had decided to take on another diploma on trumpet playing, and as hard as it was for myself to get back into the mind frame of studying, I was notified I had passed my L.T.C.L. recital diploma on trumpet.

At the same time over one hundred people from seventy seven different band clubs agreed on the first ever ethical document between the clubs ensuring a better future both for the clubs and for their musicians. The only way from here is forward and together we can now build a brighter era for the musical aspect of our bands. It has been tough but yesterday’s meeting ended up to be a historic one, one which so all our clubs agreeing to a document which was taunting us for months.

I really hope we will now move forward and start a new chapter of agreement and be open for new challenges as one and not as an individual partner.


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