Is it time to change leaves and become turtles?

As Autumn is underway, our nature (whatever is left of it) removes its summer clothes and prepares for the cold Winter season in order to bloom once again in Spring. This cycle is repeated year after year, and even though we are not trees, everyone and everything goes through this type of cycle in life.

Generally, this type of change is calculated and most if the time it is pre-meditated in order to better oneself’s life or way of living.


In the past few years, we all have felt that a change is needed to better our way our band clubs are operating, an all levels, especially musically. We all heard statistics, we all heard opinions, we also made our own opinions, same went even a step further and tried to predict the future or better, the non-existence future of band clubs.  There is a lot going on at the moment, and all is good, as even a bad advertisement can be considered as an advertisement. Everyone wants to be better, and that is how it should be, not only financially, but even musically. We need to be better in all fronts, we need to have better administration, we need to have better conditions, we need to have better education, which is the most important thing in my opinion.

One thing is almost certain, that if a change is needed, we need to embrace it, make it our aim, and together push for a better outcome. Obviously, change is slow, but if it is constant it is as good. Always take the Rabbit -Turtle race. Let us be turtles!


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