It’s Coming Home!

All football lovers are buzzing with enthusiasm about this World Cup which will draw to its conclusion next Sunday. Of course, I couldn’t resist to write down these words as the title of this post. Myself an England football fan, have never been so close to seeing my favourite team so near to ultimate glory all my life. Obviously enough, I wish that the England National Team will be the one holding on to the trophy, as impossible it may seem.


But really and truly, I am terrified by only thinking that England will progress to the final and the reason is simple. There will be many sicknesses on the day of the final and I am pretty sure most of the bands will suffer along with it. This is, unfortunately, our culture. Again the I am Alright, Love you (not) Jack attitude will certainly strike us badly.  I wish I would be very wrong at assuming this will happen, but we have already experienced some of these movements between all the societies which have the unfortunate event, precisely on this day.

This goes down to one simple thing, commitment. Commitment towards the given word and towards the band. I may understand that sometimes genuine issues occur, but I am pretty sure most of these occurrences are not genuine and it is all about money or about lack of care.  At the end of the day, the band will still have to play, and this will only look bad on those that have forgotten the meaning of the word itself.

Who knows? Maybe I would be proven wrong, which is what I am wishing for. Maybe I am right. I suppose time will tell.  Having said that, I hope the best team will win, and I hope the Three Lions will roar once again, like it does wherever it is.


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