Of Chickens, Cattles and Monkeys.

At long last, one of the most awaited week is upon us. Those who, like myself, enjoy all about the Good Friday traditions and significance of this week, try to do best out of it. As you may well know, this is also a special one for me, launching of my cd, and receiving some... Continue Reading →

Lent Concerts

During the Lent period I will be involved in two wind band concerts, one as a conductor and the other one as a musician & funeral marches composer. On Wednesday, 10th of April, I will be conducting the Ghaqda Muzikali San Leonardo, in a concert held at the Kirkop's Parish Church. Together with some lent... Continue Reading →


Iż-Żunżana is a joint project between five band clubs and their respective musical school. This project was created to help all of these students get a glimpse of how to act and what to do to perform with various other bands. The aim is to give responsibility and give the opportunity to explore music repertoire... Continue Reading →

Iswed u Bla Zokkor

Together with the Big Band Brothers, another series of concerts full of laughter, music and Maltese language. 10,11,12,14,15,16 of July 2019 Get your tickets from ticketline.com.mt

On Track…

We have just applied WD-40, to the gear. We now have a long way to make all the needed adjustments to make a new engine that conforms with today needs, but at least we are on track.

Album “għaliex?” launched

At long last, the album was launched this morning with a small seminar on Maltese wind band recordings and the musical form of the funeral march by radio presenter Daniel Vella and musical director Hermann Farrugia Frantz respectively, an interview by radio host Aaron Zahra and some presentations followed. The event was presented by radio... Continue Reading →

Missing our purpose

I always love to chat about our wind bands with who ever has them at heart, and even with those that bands do not really hold a difference in their lives, helping me understand (or try to) different point of views. Lately I was having a chat with a friend of mine regarding this topic... Continue Reading →

Music is a tattoo

Sometimes when I teach, I get faced with some unwillingness and lack of passion from students, but then they reignite their passion with a nearing concert or performance. Sometimes I too diminish my want to learn and know more but then something changes and all is back in place. But then there are those that... Continue Reading →

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