Time to set the record straight!

During the past few weeks I have been “quietly” hearing and reading many comments and discussions regarding the future of our wind bands, the musicians’ role in it and all of what has emerged from the document agreed and signed by all of the wind band clubs with the exception of one. In the wake of lack of information provided, I would like to set the record straight.

I have been attacked personally, all of which from behind my back as no one, with the exception of very few, came and spoke to me personally on this regard. Just for the record, I was part of a whole group of people, which was set up during a general conference of the Għaqda Każini tal-Banda back in 2017, which was attended by around 60 band clubs, where all those interested in discussing and creating this document came forward from different band clubs and different positions, all of which are committee members in their respective local club. The aim of this, lets say, task force, was to discuss points and organised seminars and meetings to ensure the eligibility of the proposed document and then after the approval of the executive committee of the Għaqda Każini tal-Banda, moved it forward to the clubs to discuss at any level they could and two further extraordinary meetings have been done with all the band clubs to discuss, amend and approve this document.

Having said that, the ethics committee or task force, was composed of eleven members namely, President of local wind band and musician Omar Xuereb and Anthony Aquilina, Secretary Anthony Sammut, musician and committee member Julio Pace, Wayne Bonello, musician and delegate Gilbert Farrugia and Anthony Mifsud  President of another wind band club Paul Mifsud and delegate Renald Borg, myself and chaired by GħKTB Dr. Noel Camilleri. With that in mind we can say that we had a good range of members from different sectors but most importantly is that it was mainly formed by musicians which are part of their respective band club’s committee. It is also to note, that this document was a team effort, and not as many wanted to depict, that it was only myself that came out with all the ideas of the document. If that was true I would be super proud of what I have done, but that is definitely not the case. I am super proud of what we have proposed.

Since we are it, and since I have heard some people question my role in wind bands, I would like to add a note on my history with band clubs. I have been playing with my local band club for the past 25 years, for the past 13 I have been part of the committee, and had the roles of Vice-Secretary, PRO and currently Vice-President, I am also part of the band committee  (kummissjoni banda)  and also one of its founder members for the past 19 years. I have been teaching in local wind bands for the past nine or ten years (not sure, but it doesn’t really matter) for the past three years I am also the musical director of another wind band. Even though I play with various other musical entities, I never failed to attend a service of my home town club unless some family activity  coincide or if the wind band I direct has a concert which coincide with a service of my home town club, and for that I also asked permission from the committee. Not playing with all the band clubs I used to, doesn’t mean I have lost the touch with what is going on or what is being done.

Keep tuned… I will be discussing in further depth the points of the document as issued by the said task force and approved by all the band clubs, with the exception of one .


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