Does one size fits all?

As part of the document released and signed by all the wind band clubs with the exception of one which doesn’t form part of the association, there is this part which is still a bit grey: Classification.

As regards to classification, those registered will be classified by the club’s musical director or teacher, but if the musician doesn’t agree with the classification, the musician can ask the panel (which is still in progress) to present himself to be re-classified. The classification process is still not up and functioning, but this will be made up of music directors and other people which are responsible and understand the musical aspect. Having a grade or diploma doesn’t necessary mean that the musician will have a high grade than those that do not have any exams to show. Playing for many years doesn’t neither mean that the musician will be given a higher grade than a musician half his age. The classification will hold many criteria by which the decision is taken. Classification can be reviewed any time the musician wants. Classification will eventually also be given a set of payment terms, this will encourage musicians to keep on studying and invest more time on their instrument. The set of payment groups are still not defined and consultation is required with all parties to have a fair approach, in my opinion.

A set of minimum requirements for a student to be part of the wind band and to also be able to play with other band clubs. Yet again this is done, to ensure better quality. We also need to change the mentality that if a student has just started playing his instrument we just take him out to play just for the sake of quantity and to show our “rival” clubs that we have more musicians, or even worse having people holding instruments. We need to help in producing more musicians to enjoy playing and feel part of the society and not see them as litchis for the club. We have to start creating an environment of trust in our abilities and get off from the stigmatizing views we have created throughout the past years.


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