To do or not to do?

There are way to many ‘o’s in the title, right? And to say that the amount of versions regarding the registration is as many is an understatement. Like in my previous article regarding tax & numbers and all the drama that some wanted to create. The same drama is linked to the registration. Let us not forget that this was planned by a team which is mainly made up of musicians that play regularly and some don’t play that regularly in our band clubs apart from being part of their respective home town band club’s committee.

So let’s talk about registration.

As said, many versions have been made, said, discussed, but none have yet got to the point of how this is going to work. It is quite simple. This is divided into two main categories:

Category 1: Musicians that have started playing with their local band from 2019.

  • These Musicians HAVE to register themselves with their club.
  • These Musicians HAVE to be set in the mechanism of classification
  • Can accept or decline that their contact and information is given to other band clubs.

Category 2: All other musicians that started playing with their local band club till 2018. These musicians Can decide to register with their club and by doing so, help their club obtain help in funds and also help the delegate to better know how many musicians he needs.

  • Can accept or decline to register.
  • Can accept or decline to put himself/herself in the classification mechanism.
  • Can accept or decline for their contact and information is given to other band clubs.

This registration is kept between  the band clubs and the association and the musicians themselves. There is more to it then just a simple registration book, and an aid for the delegates to find musicians and all of that. It is a process which will lead us to better quality produced by the wind bands. One main objective is to give a better environment to the students and therefore give reason to the need to keep loyalty. How is this going to happen? Many efforts are being done, to  fund new systems of teaching including that of having at least three teachers in each club and be able to have a better setup for students to learn their instruments with more appropriate ones. For example, at least a teacher for brass, another for wind and a theory teacher who will also see for solfege. Let’s face it, we want to create musicians and not composers. A class is more than acceptable in a wind band taking in consideration that in University, conservatoires of anywhere in the world, teach theory in classes. Then those that would want to go a step further can utilize other places, but to say that theory can only be learned one on one, is just a joke. These changes alone will have a big improvement in certain clubs where at the moment they have one teacher for everything, reducing quality.


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