Iż-Żunżana -tiltaqa’ mal-Ommijiet

This year annual home concert will host “Iż-Żunżana” a project between 5 music schools within band clubs which is giving the opportunity to students and young musicians to work together in a series of concerts around Malta. Apart from working together, the participants will also enjoy playing different repertoires under the direction of different music conductors and on different platforms.

mothers daypsd.jpg

George Vella School of Music‘s turn is on Saturday, 11th May, where our younger students will be performing accompanied by the piano, and then the junior band together with the performers of “Iż-Żunżana” under my direction will be giving us the final part of the concert. It is also to be noted, that for the first time we will have our Victory Trumpet Choir, by our 11 strong trumpet players both students and musicians, under the guidance of our trumpet teacher Norbert Mintoff.

All of this comes from the school’s continuous efforts to give the best opportunities to our students and to make sure that our level of musicality is always at a higher standard.

Make sure to join us for our Tea-Time Concert from the “Iż-Żunżana” Concerts – next Saturday, 11th May at 4pm at our main hall.

Also, check out our Event on Facebook.


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