D Hymns

Photo: Poster advertising the concert done on the 23rd of August. Design: Pierre Balzia

D Hymns is a project, partly financed by the Creative Communities Fund which was submitted by the Ghaqda Mużikali San Leonardo of Kirkop, to commemorate the 425 years of Kirkop’s parish church being dedicated to the said Saint. D Hymns was a challenging project as it entailed a great amount of research in order to find the original sources of a collection of Hymns and antiphone dedicated to Kirkop’s patron Saint, St. Leonard. With the help of other local band clubs, Hermann Farrugia Frantz, and committee members, we where please to obtain the desired information and apart from exhibiting the hymns in public in a public concert on the 23rd of August, we also recorded all the Hymns with the sound engineer, Alan Schembri.  To further commemorate the festivities, a new hymn was composed by myself and words by Anselm Sciberras, which also featured on the same album. I was in charge of conducting both the concert & the recording sessions and also restore one of the hymns, which was composed by Lorenzo Galea.

The presentation of the album is expected to happen on Wednesday, 10th January 2018 at the society’s premises in Kirkop at 19:00.

Photo: Poster advertising the concert done on the 23rd of August. Design: Pierre Balzia


Reviews: https://www.tvm.com.mt/mt/djarju247/tnedija-ta-cd-binnijiet-devozzjonali-ta-san-leonardu/


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