Conducting in Mascali

After being appointed musical director and conductor at the Ghaqda Muzikali San Leonardo of Hal Kirkop, we embarked in various projects in order to expose our band and its students to various musical experiences.  Amongst these, we embarked on a project called BandClubs4Youths with 7 other band clubs and together we organized the first ever International Winds & Percussion Festival, which was a great success.

Apart from this we also made sure to give a digital identity to our club’s repertoire, mainly the once directly written to the village Festa and it’s patron Saint. For this, we made a research and recording project which will be finalized by the beginning of January 2018.

Photo: Banner used by the band club to announce the Mascali event.

Going back to Mascali project. Mascali is a small village in the Provence of Catania, Sicily, which patron saint is also St. Leonard. The band was invited to be part of these festivities, and along came the idea of performing a concert in the beautiful village’s Cathedral. For this concert, I have chosen some beautiful pieces from Handel, malta’s own Diacono, Verdi, Jenkins and to top it off, we invited SaxophoneInternationall Artist, Antonino Mollica, to be a guest soloist. This project is part-financed by a fund created by Ghaqda Kazini tal-Banda.

This will be happening on Sunday, 4th February at 7.30pm.



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