Aims & Objectives

It has been an ongoing struggle to find new children that get interested to play with a local band. This is something most of our clubs are constantly complaining about. What if, we are doing it wrong, or too old-fashioned?

As I understand other entities are blooming with children and it is not just football or sports but also in the music scene. Let’s take Johann Strauss School of Music as an example. Lately, parents are waiting till midnight to be able to have their children enrolled with it.


What changed? What is making it difficult for us? Have we changed our priorities? Dis we just jammed in a period of time and we are reluctant to upgrade?

In a survey presented to Ghaqda Kazini tal-Banda last year, only 5 % acknowledge that one of the roles of the band clubs is to teach music when this should be one of the most if not the most important objective of band clubs.

We are 80 band clubs in Malta and Gozo. Isn’t it time to start the start getting our aims right and do our objectives? Teach music to our communities!


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  1. In my opinion the blame is all on the band club themselves and the lack of proper management who really understand what music is all about. Unfortunately many band clubs are more focused on other domains such as fireworks and decorations, with little thought on the musical aspect or the musical needs of the society.

    There are often intiatives to raise thousands of euros to spend them in unnecessary decorations and other stuff to satisfy to pleasures of a selected few while the instruments used by the kids are kept in a diastrous order some of them not even capable of tuning properly. Even the pruchase of proper and high quality brass instruments suffers from the competition. What courage does a parent of a child learning an instrument will have when his/her kid is given an instrument which if described as a reject is far too good a description.

    I think that it is imperative and a must to have musicians and musical professionals forming part of the committee (they should be in a majority) so that the musical aspect is always kept a top, to ensure that the quality of the musicians produced from the band clubs is high and to maintain the interest in those who are studying music.


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