Mascali Project


Last week was a hectic week with all the preparations and last minute setups to ensure that our tour in Mascali would be a successful one. Indeed it was. It was a great experience having so many great musicians in one event performing quite a challenging concert. The highlight of the concert was without any doubt, when Sicilian born, International renowned Saxophone player Antonino Mollica performed as a guest soloist with the wind band.


The works performed were:

Innu tal-Banda San Leonardo – G. Martin

Overture from Messiah – Handel

Benedictus – K. Jenkins (arr. E. Spiteri) – Tenor: Georg Zammit

Largo – Mule (arr. C. Caruana)

Concerto for Eb Alto Sax. – Glasounouv (arr. D. Darmanin) – Alto Sax.: Antonino Mollica

Orientale – Griele – Alto Sax: Antonino Mollica, Sax. Sopran: Christine Dimech

Overture – Diacono (Arr. C. Caruana)

Dies Ire/Tuba mirum from Messa Da Requim – G. Verdi (arr. C. Caruana)

Leonardo: L-Iben, iż-Żagħżugħ, il-Qaddis – Geofrey (arr. D. Vella) Trumpet: Alex Zammit, Euphonium: Joseph Zammit

Tislima lil- San Leonardo – G. Martin

Innu Malti – R. Sammut


The concert was held on Sunday 5th of February at the Duomo of Mascali dedicated to St. Leonard. On Monday 6th of February, the band played in a march with l’Orchestra d’Armonia della Contea under the direction of maestro Giulio Nido & Corpo Musicale “V. Bellini” di Mazzeo – Città di Taormina under the direction of maestro Giovanni D’Agostino.

Some reviews of the project from foreign media:


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